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Recovery Centre

If you find a cetacean, sea turtle or shark in danger immediately call 112

In June 2014, Palma Aquarium signed a technical assistance contract with COFIB and the Department of Environment, becoming officially recognized as the catalogued Marine Fauna Recovery Centre in the Balearic Islands.

Since then, under the direction of COFIB and the Species Protection Service, Palma Aquarium assumes the responsibility and annual registration of attending the sea turtle and cetacean stranding’s that take place on the coast of Mallorca, and coordinates the rest of the Balearic Islands (Ibiza, Formentera and Menorca).

One of the most important aspects of this work is to ensure that injured or sick animals that strand or are floating adrift, receive veterinary attention always seeking for the animal’s full recovery for subsequent reintroduction into their natural environment.

Palma Aquarium has a team of specialists in veterinary medicine, rescue, rehabilitation, biology and conservation of marine fauna.

The Palma Aquarium Marine Fauna Recovery Centre has treated more than 200 cetacean and sea turtle stranding’s.


Recovery Center Palma Aquarium

Rescue and rehabilitation of sea turtles

In the Mediterranean Sea we can find three species of turtle.

Rescue and rehabilitation of cetaceans

Cetaceans are extremely vulnerable species.

Rescue and rehabilitation of sharks

The Mediterranean, one of the most dangerous seas for sharks.

Volunteers Team

Volunteers are the heart and soul of a non-profit organisation. They are a perfectly coordinated team and without them the organisation would not be able to work.