Environmental education

Know to value and value to protect.

Who do we address?

To school children

We want to encourage from a young age the importance of conserving biodiversity.

We place special emphasis on the Mediterranean ecosystems, their natural treasures, native species and endemic species, creating experiences that will contribute to consolidate environmental awareness and inspire sustainable attitudes.

Internships for University Students

Palma Aquarium and its Foundation maintain collaboration agreements with different universities and educational centres in different parts of Spain.

Through internships for University students, it is possible to carry out curricular or extracurricular practices in our facilities, thus fostering the first contact of future professionals and workplace and the management and conservation of marine fauna and flora.

The Palma Aquarium Foundation projects are an ideal platform for these young people to complement their academic training, thus promoting their future work and professionalism.

If you are a student and you are interested in doing internships with us, contact  info@palmaaquarium.com.

To professionals related to environmental issues

The Palma Aquarium Foundation and the marine fauna rescue team organize training and recycling sessions for groups related to environmental issues that are a fundamental part of our work.

These teams are, among others:


  • Guardia Civil  Maritime service

  • Govern Environmental agents

  • Local Police teams

  • Policias locales de diferentes municipios

  • Lifeguards

  • Diving Centers

  • Nautical and sports installations
General public

Our objective is to increase the societies oceanographic culture and position the citizens as real protagonists and responsible for the protection and conservation of our seas and oceans.

For this, the Palma Aquarium Foundation organizes courses, colloquiums, projections and conference cycles, inviting environmental managers, researchers and scientists to present their work.

We make marine biology, science and management for the conservation of marine fauna accessible to the general public.