SOS Marine Turtles

Turtles encounter a variety of problems.

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Sea turtles present in the Balearic Sea encounter a variety of problems that compromise their lives

When sea turtles are sick, they float on the surface, allowing themselves to be swept away by the current, and many times they do not even resist being caught due to their poor health.In many occasions, at first glance it may seem that the animals do not present any health problem, masking a possible bad state derived from the plastic intake or hooks, pneumonia, etc…

Sometimes sea turtles are entangled in plastics, discarded fishing gear or ropes. Very often rubbish and residuals strangles the fins of the animals and these become necrotic due to the lack of blood supply. If a turtle is found under these conditions, it is very important to never untangle them and return them to the sea, because when the strangulation of the limb is released, the infected blood starts a free circulation to the rest of the body and produces general infections that end with the death of the animal. In these cases it is of the utmost importance to haul the animal on board and notify the emergency service 112.

In many cases, by wanting to help the animal we are giving it a certain death due to ignorance. Once notified to the emergency service, the Palma Aquarium rescue team will collect the sea turtle and provide the necessary veterinary care and assistance. Once the animal is recovered it is released back into its natural habitat.

Remember that all species of marine turtles are in danger of extinction (IUCN).

Currently the Balearic society is very aware about helping these incredible and emblematic animals.

Therefore, we believe it necessary to advise and recommend suggestions for those who find turtles at sea or stranded on the coast.Palma Aquarium Foundation has launched a campaign called “SOS Sea Turtles”, which is responsible for spreading awareness and informing about this problem and the basic advice and action when encountering one of these animals.

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These good practices can mean saving the life of the animal

The main objective of this campaign is to address the problem of sea turtles in the best possible way, creating awareness throughout society of how to act in case of finding a sea turtle wounded, sick, or entangled in plastics…

The main action carried out is the dissemination of the edited material in all the centers of aquatic and underwater activities in Mallorca.

The Palma Aquarium Foundation seeks entities with the intention of becoming “Collaborators” of this campaign and to help spread awareness on this problem.