Last August the Palma Aquarium Foundation and Mallorca Mega Resort S.L. launched a campaign called “Animals are ALL” as a result of the collaboration agreement between both entities. The campaign consists of collecting the lost towels that accumulate in the hotels facilities. These towels are laundered and then handed in to animal shelters, pounds or kennels for rescued animals free of charge. The towels are used for bedding, blankets, cleaning etc.

This campaign arose in response to the sad reality we are living from the abandonment of pets. Shelters and kennels need resources to provide the best possible accommodation for these animals while waiting to be adopted in a definitive home. Citizen participation and prior awareness of what it means to have a pet are important in order to tackle this serious problem.

The volunteers of both entities have already started distributing towels in different shelters, vet clinics and pounds in Mallorca, such as Dogs For U (DFU), Robinas Inca, Hospital Veterinari Aragò, Veterinaria Karina Pirron and Pelu2 in distress. The Palma Aquarium Rescue Centre will also include some towels sea turtles need them for cooling down their body temperature in stranding events.  

Mallorca Resort S.L. and Palma Aquarium Foundation have jointly devised this action with the intention of contributing not only with their support, but also with the aim of spreading awareness about this problem to comply with the motto of this solidarity project “Animals are ALL”.

135.000 domestic animals are abandoned every year in Spain